Judas Priest "British Steel"

Released on this day in 1980, Judas Priest's "British Steel" album is their sixth studio album but the album leaves a trail of destruction that's second to none.

"British Steel," might be Heavy Metal Thursday's favorite Judas Priest album. The album is another which demands your full front to back, uninterrupted attention. The track listing is canonical, a brutal assault of Heavy Metal from Britain's "Second Wave."  



"Rapid Fire," kicks you in the chest right away.  Dave Holland, Priest's new drummer, introduces himself with relentless double bass drumming during what is an all-time favorite moment in all of Judas Priest's catalog. While you're recovering the molten metal flows unstoppable straight into "Metal Gods," and from there "Breaking The Law," makes it clear you're in violation of the rules if you stop the music. Let it play. The whole thing. Turn it up. 

"British Steel"


In 2009, Judas Priest plays "British Steel," in its entirety on their 30th Anniversary "British Steel" tour. Heavy Metal Thursday was there. 

Judas Priest, 2009

K.K. Downing

Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton


"British Steel," deserves to hang around in a close orbit at all times, ready to go on at any minute.

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