Metal Health

Quiet Riot's “Metal Health” was released on this day, March 11, 1983.



Although "Metal Health" is actually the third studio album for Quiet Riot, this would be the album most associated with their music, and contained two iconic metal tunes, the cover of "Cum On Feel the Noize," from British Rockers Slade and their seminal hit "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)", both of which ranked on the pop charts, making “Metal Health”  the first Heavy Metal album to reach the top spot in Billboards 200 rankings. 

"Metal Health" has a permanent place in Heavy Metal, and in a way serves as a tribute to an iconic guitarist, and founding member of the band, Randy Rhoads.

Randy is remembered in the song “Thunderbird”, with Kevin Dubow adding a final verse to the song after Randy tragically died. Watch this entire video. Quiet Riot featuring the touring lineup for "Metal Health,' including Kevin Dubrow (RIP), Rudy Sarzo on bass guitar, Carlos Carvazo on guitar and Frankie Banali on drums. Quiet Riot.

Kevin Dubrow & Randy Rhoads, circa '78 - '79


Metal Health was promoted while touring with Black Sabbath on the Born Again tour. You do not get much bigger and badder in the metal music scene than touring with them.


Also worth mentioning, on May 29, 1983; Quiet Riot set the tone for the Us Festival and with the release of "Metal Health," kicked the door down for the genre of Heavy Metal to invade and destroy the mainstream for the rest of the 1980s. No whiners. No bozos. No fat chicks.

1983 Us Festival's "Heavy Metal Day," which is perhaps the most iconic day for '80s Metal and also featured rising stars Motley Crue, Ozzy's newest lineup including Jake E. Lee on guitar, "Metal Gods" Judas Priest, fan favorites Triumph, German juggernauts Scorpions and of course the mighty Van Halen, earning a record $1 million to headline, closing out the monstrous day.

Look at that sea of Heavy Metal maniacs as Quiet Riot throws down a tight and vicious version of "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)." Rudy Sarzo's stage presence is unmatched. Dubrow was an unapologetic 1980s front man and had the vocal chops to match his bridge burning "Fuck You" attitude. Cavazo and Banali are virtually perfect. It doesn't get much more 1983 than this right here.

"You want Metal?! You've got it! Metal Health!!!"
Kevin Dubrow
1983 Us Festival


Although Quiet Riot disintegrated over the years, vestiges of this badass cadre of talent continue to tour smoky venues, throwing metal music lovers into a frenzy. 



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