"Out Of The Cellar"

Released on this day in 1984. Heavy Metal Thursday's got to show props to Ratt for "Out Of The Cellar." 1984 was such a killer time for Hard Rock. Glam Rock. Glam Metal. 

Of the genre, Ratt emerges as one of the hottest acts to come off of the Sunset Strip at the time. Warren DeMartini and Robbin Crosby were a kickass guitar combination. Warren D. was easily one of the best guitar players, period, on the scene at the time. So we give a shout out to Ratt for their debut album...many catchy hooks and killer riffs. Gravely vocals from Stephen Pearcy and a more than adequate bottom end of Juan Croucier on bass guitar and Bobby Blotzer on drums.

"Round And Round," "Wanted Man," and "Lack Of Communication," are released as singles and are kickass examples of the overall coolness of Ratt in 1984. 

Like most of these bands from the Los Angeles scene in the early 80s, their debut albums are usually their best, most authentic work. With record deals come the producers and managers and other corporate douche bags telling artists what to think, say do and play on their subsequent records. The money comes and the distractions increase and the commercialization usually ruins most bands. Ratt had maybe two more good records in them before all the excesses and meddling finally got the best of them.


HMT's co-founder, the one most likely to administer an open hand slap for bringing up Pearl Jam, Anthony Cioffi, has always stated the 1980s can be broken into two parts; 1980-1985 and 1986 to 1989(90). The saturation...the corporate takeover of the talent coming off the Sunset Strip happened around 1984. Go back and listen. That's the truth.

Here's a very true to form live performance from 1984. No auto tune. No pro tools. No bullshit. 5 dudes get up on a stage and throw down and do it with skill and flair.


Most musicians can really kill it sitting on the edge of their bed with the door shut. To be able to get up on a stage and throw down the songs you wrote with your buddies in a garage or a shitty apartment and to stick together until you've busted through to the surface...out of the cellar....is pretty kickass. Only losers and dipshits fail to appreciate.


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