Physical Graffiti - 1975

Led Zeppelin releases the double-album masterpiece "Physical Graffiti," their sixth album overall, on this day in 1975. The track listing for the album is a sonic avalanche; an entire career's worth of music for mortals, which deserves to be listed here in full:
Custard Pie
The Rover
In My Time Of Dying
Houses Of The Holy
Trampled Under Foot
In The Light
Down By The Seaside
Ten Years Gone
Night Flight
The Wanton Song
Boogie With Stu
Black Country Woman
Sick Again
Led Zeppelin began recording sessions for this album as early as 1970 and worked off and on through 1971,1972 and 1974, finally releasing their 1 hour, 22 minute magnum opus on their own brand new record label, Swan Song. Jimmy Page's brilliance as a producer will remain unquestioned from this point forward in Rock History.
Heavy Metal Thursday will clearly state our distrust in and lack of respect for any man over 30 who's unfamiliar with or does not consider "Physical Graffiti" a thoroughly kickass album which should remain in extended mandatory rotation. Educate yourselves, accordingly. There's something wrong with you. We aren't afraid to let you know. Any women who brings home a man ignorant of Led Zeppelin might consider purchasing herself a cat and something to keep in the nightstand drawer, instead. 
Led Zeppelin, 1975
Hard to pick just one live sample from "Physical Graffiti," but we've managed. "In My Time Of Dying" is such a bold cover of a traditional Gospel song. Get you some Jesus. It won't do you no harm.
Earl's Court Arena,
London, England, May 1975

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