"Point Of Entry"

Judas Priest's 7th studio album, "Point Of Entry," is released February 26,1981.  "Headed Out To The Highway," sets the tone for the album as the first of three singles released, also including "Hot Rockin'," and "Don't Go." 

Headed Out To The Highway

"Point Of Entry" has big shoes to fill, as expectations for Judas Priest are higher than ever coming off of the successful tour for and sales of "British Steel," which is a canonical masterpiece for the Heavy Metal genre.

Listen to this kickass live version of "Hot Rockin'," and "Solar Angels," which is easily one of Priest's better deep cuts, both recorded at New York's Palladium Theater in July, 1981.

Hot Rockin'

Solar Angels


Piercing vocals and as always the twin guitar attack of K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton are instrumental in the direction Heavy Metal was beginning to head in the early 1980s. 

A personal favorite is "Desert Plains." This entire album plays like it's meant for a road trip on a motorcycle across the American Southwest. 

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