"Sad Wings Of Destiny"

A Heavy Metal Thursday all-time favorite, Judas Priest, "Sad Wings Of Destiny," is released on this day, March 23, 1976. 

"Sad Wings Of Destiny," opens with the killer one-two punch of what would become Judas Priest classics, live staples for decades; "Victim Of Changes," and "The Ripper."

I found the cassette for "Sad Wings Of Destiny," in the clearance bin at the discount store in the strip mall at the edge of my neighborhood. You'd lean you BMX bike against the outside window and haul ass inside to the music section, scan quickly for whatever you think you had to have and hustle back through the register line, hoping your bike wouldn't get stolen or fall over onto the sidewalk. Lame. Way too much sweat equity and chrome to leave your 1980s whip unattended.

My course changing exposure to Judas Priest was 1979's "Unleashed In The East." "Unleashed In The East" nudged me backwards to Priest's earlier releases. When I saw "Sad Wings Of Destiny," in a discount bin, marked at like $3.99, with such a kickass album cover and notice "Victim Of Changes," and "The Ripper," the choice was quick and easy. 



"Victim Of Changes" from "Unleashed In The East"


The lone single from "Sad Wings Of Destiny" is the Heavy Metal masterpiece, "The Ripper." 


"I'm shy and I'm shameless, nocturnal and nameless, except for "The Ripper," or, if you like, "Jack the Knife...,"

 "The Ripper"

 One more favorite from "Sad Wings Of Destiny," has to be "Dream Deceiver/Deceiver." Judas Priest, in 1976, is coming into their signature sound, aided by the killer twin guitar attack of K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, and are rapidly outpacing their stage costuming....it's 1976. Leather, spikes and chains was just up the road a bit.

Dream Deceiver/Deceiver 

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