The Number Of The Beast

Iron Maiden's third studio album is released on this day, March 22, 1982. "Number Of The Beast" would be Iron Maiden's first album to feature new singer Bruce Dickinson. 

"Run To The Hills" and "The Number Of The Beast" would both be released as singles and are among Iron Maiden's most identifiable songs and clear favorites among fans, worldwide. The entire album is canonical for the Heavy Metal genre. We're Iron Maiden fans, here, so there's no weak tracks. If you're not as familiar with some songs as you are with others, that's your problem.

"Run To The Hills" examines Western expansionism across the North American continent in the 18th Century. "The Number Of The Beast" explores the "the beast" as described in the Book of Revelations. Heavy stuff. The reading of scripture by British actor Barry Clayton is ominous and aggravated record burning controversy across the free world. "The Number Of The Beast" is a terrifying, thought provoking Heavy Metal masterpiece.

"The Number Of The Beast"


"The Prisoner"

"The Number Of The Beast" also features "Hallowed Be Thy Name" which is arguably the greatest most iconic Iron Maiden song of all time. 

Iron Maiden's 1985 live album, "Live After Death," which was recorded during the band's "World Slavery Tour," in support of "Powerslave," helped further strengthen the importance of many of the songs from "Number Of The Beast."

"Hallowed Be Thy Name"


Up The Irons 

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